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Honda/Acura, Subaru Front Driveshaft Replacement Honda/Acura, Subaru Front Driveshaft Replacement

CV joint boots are one of the most common failure points on today's vehicles. A broken CV joint can leave you stranded at the most inconvenient time and put your safety at risk! We are offering to replace any front CV axle on any Honda/Acura or Subaru vehicle for a very discounted price!

Service includes:

  • Front Axle (199.95ea side)
  • Up to 1 qt. of gear oil or transmission fluid, if needed.

Our Price: $199.95
Disc Brake Service Disc Brake Service

Brakes are one of the most important component in your vehicle. Making sure they are operating correctly is our highest priority at Performance Import Industries. We perform a complimentary brake inspection and our Discount brake service includes:

  • New Front or Rear Brake rotors
  • New Front or Rear Brake pads
  • Cleaning and lubricating the brake hardware
*Some models may vary depending on rotor and pad cost*
Ex: Subaru WRX STI cost would be $699.95 for the factory Brembo parts

Our Price: $239.95
Honda/Acura, Subaru Complete Timing Belt Kit Service Honda/Acura, Subaru Complete Timing Belt Kit Service

Only using quality parts and keeping our overhead low makes it so we can offer you repair services at a discounted price! Timing belts should be replaced every 6 years or 90k miles on Subaru engines, and should be replaced every 7 years or 105k miles on Honda/Acura engines!
We are offering a complete timing belt service with water pump for the amazing price of 499.95!

The service includes:

  • Timing belt
  • Timing belt idlers
  • Timing belt tensioner
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat Gasket
  • New coolant
*Engine seals and drive belts additional if needed

Our Price: $499.95
Subaru Head Gasket Replacement Subaru Head Gasket Replacement

Performance Import Industries is a full service facility for all of your Subaru needs, including Performance and Repairs you need done. Our low cost options are sure to suit your wallet and needs!

The Single overhead cam engine head gasket replacement package includes:

  • OEM quality head gaskets
  • OEM quality valve cover gaskets and spark plug tube seals
  • OEM quality valve stem seals
  • OEM quality camshaft seals
  • Mitsuboshi Timing belt
  • Aisin water pump
  • NTN OEM quality timing belt tensioner
  • coolant, oil filter and oil for engine
  • Includes cylinder head resurface

Our Price: $1,649.95
Subaru Engine Rebuild Subaru Engine Rebuild

Performance Import Industries is your one stop shop from maintenance to Engine rebuilding!

Our standard Subaru engine rebuilds start at $2495.00.
That includes:
New seals and gaskets
New piston rings
New Timing belt kit w/ idlers and tensioner
New water pump and thermostat
New crankshaft and connecting rod bearings
New Crankshaft
New Oil Pump
New Oil pick up
New connecting rod

Contact us for a quote to rebuild your engine today!

Our Price: $2,495.00